Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Maintaining and Creating Chi

Seated meditation, standing contemplation, or moving the body with mindfulness - in order to participate fully in life, to build quality into the time that one has here in this precious existence, then choose one or all of the three and be regular.

Be aware of your vital energy (Chi) and direct it with the light of your awareness (Yi) throughout
and beyond the body.

Chi is always flowing, however, through being conscious of the energy, imaging it, directing it with the Mind and through the breath (Yi leads Chi), that is the path of restoration and replenishment. Otherwise the Natal Chi wil be expended sooner than otherwise.

One asks, if Chi is ever-flowing why is this necessary ?

We love another person. At the beginning, this feeling of love is omnipresent. Later, this love exists, but not always uppermost in one's consciousness, perhaps only in the presence of the other person, or of course, when one thinks about the other. The feeling exists whether consciously or not but If we neglect this love feeling, then it may be that the relationship suffers.

The same is true of our relationship with our vital energy. Shining the light of awareness during meditation, whether seated, standing or moving, is the catalyst to the restoration, revivification and growth of our Chi, and indeed even to its conversion into higher energy.

So during our Tai Chi practice it is vital that one visualizes the three energies: combines them above the Tan Tien, and then circulates them using the Yi and the breath.

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